Jan 072013

Each program on the Rain Bird ESP series timer can run in one of four watering cycles: CUSTOM waters on the day of the week you select. ODD waters only on odd-numbered day of the month. EVEN waters only on even-numbered days of the month.  CYCLIC water on a selected daily interval. For example: every other […]

Sep 132012
How to design a lawn sprinkler system

One of the most important aspects of installing a new sprinkler system is the design of the sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system is designed poorly not only will you be unhappy with it’s performance once the sprinkler system is installed, sprinkler systems are expensive. A lot of times thousands of dollars are involved with […]

Jul 122011
Static and Working Water Pressure

Static pressure is the pressure when water is motionless. In a closed level piping system the static pressure is the same at every point. There are two way to create static pressure, by elevating water in tanks and reservoirs above where the water is needed and by utilizing a pump. Pumps can be used to […]

Jul 112011
Understanding Sprinkler Hydraulics

Periodically I will be doing posts on understanding how water behaves in your sprinkler system and hopefully this will help you understand what is going on with your sprinkler system when there are problems. In this post I will begin with understanding the basics of hydraulics. Hydraulics is simply the study of fluid behavior in […]