Jul 052011
Anatomy of a sprinkler valve

In this example, I have taken a Rainbird 100DVFUU Union sprinkler valve and disassembled it so that you could see the parts and become familiar with them. I will list each part and give a short description. Solenoid – The solenoid takes power from the timer and opens the valve. When the power from the […]

Jun 282011
My favorite sprinkler valve

iScaper rating – 5 stars ★★★★★ My favorite sprinkler valve. This is a Rainbird 100DVFUU Union Valve. It has unions on each end of the valve that make installation and removal a snap. Most valves I encounter in a sprinkler manifold do not have these unions, and often times I have to cut the valve […]

Jun 252011
How to open a sprinkler valve manually

This is a Rain Bird 100DVF sprinkler valve. On this valve like most sprinkler valves, there are usually two ways to open the valve manually. This is useful if you are checking out a sprinkler system because you can open a sprinkler circuit without using the sprinkler timer, especially if the timer happens to be […]