Jan 072013

Each program on the Rain Bird ESP series timer can run in one of four watering cycles: CUSTOM waters on the day of the week you select. ODD waters only on odd-numbered day of the month. EVEN waters only on even-numbered days of the month.  CYCLIC water on a selected daily interval. For example: every other […]

Dec 272012
Rain Bird ESP Timer Troubleshooting: Alarm LED is lit

Possible cause: Click on the image for a larger view. Shorted Station – A short circuit in the solenoid or valve wiring has disabled the station. The display will show “# Err,” where # is the valve number at fault. Identify and repair the fault in the circuit. Seasonal Adjust is at 0% – The […]

Nov 282012
Pasco 4360 copper tube flaring tool

Recently I spent most of a day looking at home improvement stores and plumbing supply houses for an adapter that would go from a 1/4″ flare fitting to a 1/4″ IPS compressor fitting. My solution was to buy a Pasco copper tube flaring tool and build the fitting myself. This tool will flare outside copper […]

Nov 032012
Seasonal Adjust feature on a lawn sprinkler timer

The seasonal adjust feature on a lawn sprinkler timer lets you increase or decrease the run times of all sprinkler stations on the timer by a percentage from 0 to 200 percent in one step. This feature allows you to cut back watering during cool periods of the year or increase watering during dry, hot […]

Oct 222012
Chain saw sharpening guide

iScaper rating – 5 stars ★★★★★ This particular chain saw sharpener is a Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener – Model #G-106B. Features: Sharpens all major saw chain pitches Allows you to perfectly match the chain manufacturer’s angles Attaches to your guide bar in seconds Depth gauge I have been using a chain saw sharpener like […]

Sep 132012
How to design a lawn sprinkler system

One of the most important aspects of installing a new sprinkler system is the design of the sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system is designed poorly not only will you be unhappy with it’s performance once the sprinkler system is installed, sprinkler systems are expensive. A lot of times thousands of dollars are involved with […]