Jan 032014

Soft scrub cleanserTo see my YouTube video on cleaning the kitchen sink, please click here.

It’s one of those weekly chores that no one likes to do but needs to be done anyway. On our sink I like to use soft scrub cleaner because it won’t scratch the surface enamel of the sink. All I do is squirt a liberal amount in the bottom of the sink and then take a scrubbing-brush or pad and scrub the bottom and sides of the sink. After scrubbing I simply rinse and then repeat the process.

The left side of our sink houses the food disposal so with dumping food scrapes and old coffee into the disposal it seems to get a lot more stains that the right side of the sink. After scrubbing with the soft scrub, I like to fill the left side of the sink about half full with warm water and then add a cup or so of bleach into the water. This removes any left over stains that didn’t come out with the soft scrub. I usually let the bleach and water solution sit for 20-30 minutes before draining.

One last step while the bleach solution is sitting is to take a magic eraser (they are magic) and go over the sides and edges of the sink removing any stains and marks that I missed with the scrub brush.

Once that’s done and the bleach solution has set for the allotted time I can drain the sink and this chore is done until next week.

If you have tips for cleaning the kitchen sink please leave a comment below.

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