Jan 072013

Each program on the Rain Bird ESP series timer can run in one of four watering cycles:

  • CUSTOM waters on the day of the week you select.
  • ODD waters only on odd-numbered day of the month.
  • EVEN waters only on even-numbered days of the month. 
  • CYCLIC water on a selected daily interval. For example: every other day, every second day, or every third day.

The cycle I use most is the custom cycle. I like being able to select the days of the week I want to water. If lawn care people come on a certain day every week, it is easy to program around the lawn mowing using the custom cycle. Cyclic is a nice feature to use with drip irrigation because it often doesn’t require the frequency that lawn watering does. What’s nice about the Rain Bird ESP timer is that you can use custom watering on one program and cyclic watering on a different program.


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