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Kerry M. Taylor

Kerry Taylor Hi, my name is Kerry Taylor and for 25 years I was a licensed landscape contractor located in the Intermountain West of the United States. In my landscaping business my work projects included:

iScaper1 YouTube Videos

In 2010 I started my YouTube channel iScaper1 and have now exceeded 24 million views and I currently have over 27,000 subscribers. Thanks to everyone out there for watching! Visit my channel iScaper1 on YouTube to see videos on sprinkler repairs, landscaping and xeriscapes, and basic home and yard maintenance . You can also visit the video page on this website. Feedback on the videos is appreciated, so if you have time please leave a comment in the video comment section, and click the thumbs up icon if you liked the video.

Smartphone Applications

Android Icon I have developed an Android smartphone application called iScaper:Sprinklers that is available on the Google Play and the Amazon App Store. I also have this application available on iTunes for iPhones. Please visit the Apps page on this website if you are interested in the application.


On the iScaper Quiz page you can test your sprinkler knowledge. After taking the quiz vote on the poll to let us know how you did. Clicking on "Links" tab will take you to a page where I have listed a number of links to companies where you can find sprinkler information, manuals, or even purchase sprinkler products. Finally is a "Slideshow" link that will take you to a page where you can view an image slideshow.

iScaper Blog and Newsletter

Sign up below or on my blog page on this website to receive periodic newsletters from iScaper. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I have recently added a new blog category Basic Home Maintenance which will cover projects I do around our home and yard to keep them in good condition and will hopefully help you at your home. While visiting my blog take a moment and vote on my web poll. There are multiple places on this website to leave me a comment or question, so if you have a topic you would like me tackle, simply fill out one of the contact forms or comment on my blog posts.

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